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1. Well my dad had me starting pretty young with those plastic little tike clubs. So, if you count that I would say around 2. But, with my own actual clubs I would say around 7.

2. I’ve watched golf my entire life, my dad always has it on so I never really had much of a choice, but now I looove it so its totally fine.

3. I will honestly watch anyone play golf, but some of my favorites in the game are Sergio, Rickie, Graeme, Freddie Couples, Dufner, and Spieth. 

For how much I know about the game, I should be a lot better. I would say I play like an average person, but my game has probably declined since I’m away at school and my clubs are back home. Long distance relationships can be quite difficult.


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I’m really bored right now sitting in my dorm and I’m also sick so it’s making my boredom even worse. A lot of you guys always have questions for me or about my blog I’m giving you a free for all I’ll answer ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Then I’ll leave you a question back. I really wanna get to know my followers and make this fan base even stronger than it already is.



We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films. Write down your top shows and then tag at least 10 friends to…

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(Just a disclaimer.. I really don’t watch tv that often)

1. White Collar

2. Skins (uk)

3. House Hunters

4. Real Housewives of NYC/OC

5. Top Gear

6. Gossip Girl

7.  Made in Chelsea

8. Courtney Loves Dallas

9. My big fat gypsy wedding

10. Million Dollar Listing

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Q. What kind of player, of your foursome, has a game that will fit this wind conditions on this golf course, three of you guys that have known this golf course?
RORY MCILROY: Jim hits quite a flat ball flight, so that’s going to work pretty well. Bubba can shape the ball both ways. So he can…