This is a blog solely dedicated to professional golfer Rory Mcilroy. I am just a big fan and have no relation to Rory. (Except for him saying 2 words to me and meeting his dad casually.) If you want to know anything about me check out my personal blog or ask me in my ask box.




We almost have a week till the Ryder Cup and I have a challenge for all of the #teamrory fans or #teameurope fans.
Submit your favorite picture(s) to my account and I will be posting them and making a video for the team and will be posting it on youtube. This can only happen if you guys help me! Message me if you have any questions/concerns

"Project Rory"


Guuuuys, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and since the number of Rory-fans is growing, I’m wondering whether we should do something special for Rory to show how much we love and appreciate him? Maybe make a short movie, send in letters, maybe artwork? IF YOU GUYS HAVE…

Great minds must think alike. I can make a video and post it on YouTube! I love doing that kinda stuff. Just let me know what you wanna do or how you want it done!

Chi omega ❤️💛